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Frequently Asked Questions


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Office: 401-942-2320

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New Patient / History Form:

Click here to download a:
Patient History Form
Form to fill out prior to a followup visit


Are you taking new patients?
Dr. Hayden continues to accept new patients all the time. We particularly welcome other family members into the practice.

At what age do you start taking patients?
Dr. Hayden welcomes patients aged five and above. We do not have the facilities for examination of infants.

Will I have to wait very long for an appointment?
The typical wait for a new patient without a troubling medical problem is approximately one-two weeks. We make every attempt to get a new patient having a medical problem in within 24 hours of their contact with the office. Sick visits are seen on the day that you call. Less urgent visits may be seen within 24-48 hours.

If I have an emergency can I be seen right away?
Emergencies that can be handled in the office are seen on the day that you call. If we are unable to handle a particular emergency, for instance chest pain, head trauma, severe bleeding, or other emergencies, you will be referred to the nearest emergency room. We would then see you in follow-up soon after your treatment in the emergency room.

What is a primary care physician? 
A primary care physician specializes in the delivery of medical care to all age groups. The primary care physician in many cases also will deliver many types of gynecological care, is knowledgeable in the area of dermatology, sports medicine, gastroenterology, urology and orthopedics. In many cases the primary care physician is also able to do many types of testing in the office, including laboratory, stress testing, minor dermatological procedures.

What is your payment policy?
Dr. Hayden's payment policy is outlined in the following:
Payment Policy

What insurances do you except?
Dr. Hayden accepts almost all insurances locally. These include Blue Cross, United Healthcare of New England, Aetna, CIGNA, Neighborhood Health Plans, and many others. A listing of these may be noted on the homepage. If you are unsure, or have out of state insurance that you would like him to participate in and please contact Trish at our office. We would like to attempt to accommodate all of our patients.

Can I be seen if I do not have insurance?
You may still be seen in the office, which in most cases will be less expensive than an emergency room visit. We will make every attempt to keep any associated costs to a minimum while attempting to diagnose your condition and deliver medical care.

What hospitals are you affiliated with?
Dr. Hayden is affiliated with Rhode Island Hospital and Hasbro Children's Hospital. However, since our patients may go to any hospital of their choice, in most cases when you are hospitalized, a specialist known as a hospitalist will be delivering your care in the hospital. We would then assume care upon your discharge. This includes the high quality care that is provided at Hasbro Children's Hospital.

How do you cover emergencies when you're not in the office?
Dr. Hayden is on call for his practice 24 hours a day, seven days a week. He provides a high quality computerized answering service specializing in physicians only.  More significant emergencies are directed to the emergency room immediately. Please be assured that all calls are handled in a professional manner. Remember also that many issues are discussed on my web site.

Can I contact Dr. Hayden if I have a question?
Dr. Hayden and his staff are always available for questions regarding most issues. Dr. Hayden has provided a high quality web site loaded with information and links that cover most issues that have come up in his practice over the years. Questions may be directed towards Dr. Hayden and his office in this manner, appointments may be changed, and other issues may be related to the office. If your questions are still not answered, feel free to contact our receptionist, or my nursing staff who will answer any further questions or relay them to me for further discussion.

Should physical examinations be done every year?
Physical examinations are advocated for almost every age range on a yearly basis. Pediatric populations have various issues, including immunization status, growth, nutrition that need to be addressed on a yearly basis. Adolescent populations have issues such as nutrition, socialization issues, and other areas that need exploration throughout these critical years. Early adulthood is an important time to meet with your physician before starting family and exploring possible problems such as blood pressure and cholesterol. Middle adulthood and late adulthood years have various recommendations for evaluation as related by the US Preventive Health Services Task Force. These include monitoring of blood pressure, cholesterol, bmi, screening for cancer for men and women, recommendations for nutrition and exercise through these years, immunizations and many other issues.
Yearly exams are also a time to ask your physician other questions that generally do not come up during sick visits and emergencies.

How do I get started?
You already have a good start having reached Dr. Hayden's site and reviewed these questions and answers. Reviewing the rest of the site, and downloading the history form would be your next steps.

Please feel free to contact our office to schedule an appointment.