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Treatment of Upper Respiratory and Sinus Infections

  • Treatment of Upper Respiratory and Sinus Infections




    NOTE: Antibiotics are generally not helpful in first 7- 10 days since most upper respiratory infections are viral in nature.







    1. Rest as much as possible to help your body resolve the infection.


    2. Drink plenty of CLEAR Liquids such as apple juice, G2.


    3. See Nasal Irrigation (video @ and do the Irrigations 2-3 times daily. May also use NEILMed systems or Neti-Pot. They are available at most pharmacies.


    4. Steam (turn shower on and inhale steam for 1-2 mins) each day to help loosen up sinuses.


    5. Nasal Saline Spray (Ocean/Ayr, et al) may be used several times daily to clear nasal passages.


    6. May also use Neo-Synephrine or Afrin when necessary to relieve nasal congestion.


    7. May use Mucinex daily to thin secretions. Do not use if you have high blood pressure.


    8. Use a Cool-Mist Humidifier at Night during the winter(keep at Low to Medium Setting). Do Not set so high as to have moisture on walls and/or windows.


    9. May use Tylenol (Plain) or Tylenol Sinus for aches and pains and Post-nasal drip, as necessary (not daily). May use Robitussin DM or Scot-Tussin DM (Sugar and alcohol-free for coughs).


    10. If fever goes to 101.5 or above and remains there for 24 hrs, or you feel sharp, "toothache" type pain over sinuses and teeth you may start the antibiotic if prescribed, or contact our office.


    11. See my website or WebMd for further directions on the care of Upper Respiratory and Sinus Infections.